Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yosemite Adventure

My husband and I have made a pact to never travel on a Holiday Weekend,
but when my brother in law,
George and his wife Sunny and her family,
 invited us to stay at the "Evergreen Lodge"
  we  broke our rule and joined them... so happy we did!
The family has been going to "Evergreen"since childhood
alot of memories
We stayed our first night at the unique,
 "Groveland Hotel" in Groveland, California.
The hotel happens to have a house guest that never leaves
He seems to have liked the hotel so much that when he died
 in 1927 he took up permanent residence...
Of course the story adds to the ambiance of this little haven..
The restaurant is very good and breakfast is included in your nights stay.

The next day we headed on to Yosemite to "The Evergreen Lodge"
The Lodge is located outside the main gate about 20 minutes.
Cabins, tent camps, restaurant, store, bar, newly built pool with jacuzzi, game rooms, Smores every night etc. etc. 
 No Kitchens~No Phone Service
A small refrig and Keurig coffee maker...
One of our favorite places

Here's a couple of pictures of Yosemite in El Cap Meadow
watching climbers on the "Nose" Route on El Capitan
with our Spotting Scope

Quality time with George

Painting on the Merced River, Yosemite
with my friend Mr. Duck

George, Sunny and her parents at
Hetch Hetchy Dam

Have a Wonderful Day!

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