Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Wooden Textile Bobbins

I love the history of these old bobbins which
 were used to spin Wool or Cotton in Textile Mills
during the 1940's~Northeast, U.S.
Finding new uses for my collectibles
 always puts a smile on my face.
Here's a few of mine
I wrap my ribbon, lace, embroidery thread, twine and
yarn around and display in an old tin when I'm not using.
There are endless amounts of ideas
 for repurposing them...
Handles on clocks, furniture spools,
spelling out names on wood plaques,
yarn shop displays, the list goes on.
 I've been asked, by people and friends,
 where to find these unique little historic gems...
so....I decided to share some of my
collection at my Etsy Shoppe...
Find a new use and share!

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