Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where has Charmaine Been...September 2013 ~ January 2014

Much has happened since my last posting, so here it goes, in the best Chronological order I can remember......(I accidentally deleted some previous posting due to my incompetence in    computer skills). 

September, 2013 ~ We moved from Lake Tahoe to the Oldest town in Nevada ~ Genoa.
It's located at the bottom of the hill (mountain) from Tahoe about 20 min. We decided it was time to downsize from the big hacienda on the mountain and found our little charmer.

Genoa is known for it's deer  
Late Sept & October
Harvested late tomatoes


                 October 15th, 2013 ~ Col Conrad Harry Hansen was born ~ 8 lbs. 1 oz.
                                 His big Brother, Tor,was ecstatic as we all were!
                                                                HIP HIP HOORAY!

Col and his Grandma Aahbee (me)

Col and His Daddy Lars

After greeting and spending time with our new grandson, Col, his brother Tor and family
we headed back to celebrate Halloween in our new home. Never expecting it to be so wonderful and unique...

I always enjoy dressing up and Love getting in character!

and to make it even better....
Some people even ride horses to Trick and Treat!

                 December 1st, 2013 ~ Lars, Elissa, Tor, Baby Col and Doggie Dendro
              moved into our house in Genoa to ready for their trip to Oxford, England.
        Lars excepted a position at Oxford University as a Professor teaching Geology.

The middle of November I went back down to the Bay Area to help with baby Col.
 I Love this picture of Tor, Col and I, on the couch, playing.

Herd of Deer in Front Yard
Dendro and Gracie "The Master's of the House"

Little Keiki's (Hawaiian for Children) fill the rooms of our new home with much Laughter and Love.
Having two grandsons is never ending joyful ~ holding, hugging, reading books and never ending happiness.

Elissa with Baby Col
"Chippy" Tor and Col's Elf transformed into Santa
 with a sled pulled by super heroes and toys!

Tor in the snow pulling a sled with our Christmas Tree home

"Christmas with Santa" at the Genoa Community Hall

Pakka (Grandpa Norm) holding his new angel
Col with Santa
Tor's encounter with Santa
He spots the Candy Cane
The old "High Five Move" by Santa for a Photo Op

Got Ya

Tor is now bored with the whole event
Christmas Eve
Genoa Community Church 
Baby Col and Elissa 

Relaxing on the couch
The Stockings were hung....

Uncle George and Sunny Visit
Sunny reading to Tor ~ His favorite pastime
Aunt Judi and Tor in a Jet at the Children's Museum
Carson City, Nevada

Time to celebrate Tors 3rd Birthday 
December 29th, 2013
Baking with Tor and Elissa
OK... I've taken my nap so lets start this party!
Yipee it's time
Dad always knows how to put those toys together

Their start of their trip began Jan. 2014 with this much luggage, 2 adults 2 kids...Whew!

Settling into Oxford life took some time for our travelers but once they were unpacked,                                          rested, regrouped they were ready to take on the town....
                                                         and the "TOR"foolery began...

Following in Lars (his dad's) footsteps!

I don't care what any one says I'm a Happy Camper in Jolly Old England!